Mescon - system integrators who implement PLC, SCADA, MES and IIoT - Profile


Excellence and Integrity.

Mescon is a company dedicated to excellence in software engineering and service. We implement current, relevant technologies that provide our clients with solutions that deliver significant benefits in quality, efficiency, traceability and profitability. Our prime concern is putting in a control system that works, meeting the customer’s criteria in operability, functionality, usability, robustness, and diagnostics. We focus on providing optimal solutions that best meet our clients’ real needs.

At Mescon, we believe that all people carry worth and as such need to be listened to and feel respected. Our corporate values stress ethical behaviour and integrity, and you can expect honesty in all client interactions.

Vision, Mission and Culture.


To be recognised and sought after as an Australian leader in the provision of solutions that transform how manufacturing businesses acquire, collate and utilise information between the plant floor and enterprise systems.


At Mescon, we:

  • Automate: program PLCs and configure SCADA/HMIs
  • Integrate: enable systems to work together
  • Informate: make meaning of Big Data

Mescon exists to bring a difference to the industry by providing a high level of customer care. We put effort into understanding the real needs of our customers, and then work hard to meet those needs.

We aim to help manufacturing companies do what they do better. This involves maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers, customers and staff.

Respect, trust, honesty and openness are key to developing positive external and internal working relationships that enable customer and staff satisfaction to be achieved.

Mescon sets a high standard of integrity in business practice, alongside expertise in engineering. We acknowledge when we don’t know the answer; we seek solutions or refer the issue to someone with more knowledge or skill.

The following will drive our decision making:

  • Is it the right thing?
  • Is this the best solution?
  • Is it meeting the real needs of the customer?
  • Is it putting people first?
  • Are we doing it in the most efficient way, making good use of our resources?
  • What are the financial repercussions of this decision?
  • Are we considering those that follow us?


Mescon Takes Pride in Fostering a Culture Where…

  • We are one team that… is co-operative and compassionate, encouraging and enthusiastic, fun and flexible.
  • We pursue excellence… through continuous improvement and effective, efficient execution in all we do.
  • We are accountable… for decisions we make. We consider the consequences of our actions and the person who will follow us.
  • We communicate honestly… creating an open, transparent and trust-based environment.
  • We encourage creativity and innovation… by respecting, appreciating and listening to the perspectives of others.
  • We put people first… as we care about and add value to our staff, our clients and our community.
  • We all lead… by example, every day.

Who we are

John Pamflett

MES Consultant/Automation Engineer

Joint owner and co-director of MESCON, John has over 25 years of engineering and project management experience in Industrial Automation, Databases and Information Systems, spanning several industries and using many different technologies. 

John is trained and certified in the operation and implementation of several systems including:

  • Rockwell Vantage Point and RSBizWare
  • Wonderware Intouch, Archestra, Active Factory Historian plus more
  • GE Proficy: Plant Applications, Historian, RTIP (Real-Time information Portal) 
  • Vijeo Historian
  • Vijeo SCADA (aka. Citect)
  • ClearSCADA
  • Ignition SCADA and MES
  • FactoryTalk View, Transaction Manager plus more
  • Several PLCS (Rockwell, Omron , CTI, Modicon)
  • Microsoft SQL, including SSRS (Reporting Services) and SSIS (Integration Services) and SSAS (Analysis Services)

John’s certifications include BE (Elec), MCP, CCE among others.

Christine Pamflett

Business Operations and Administration

Joint owner and co-director of MESCON, Christine is dedicated to excellence in office operations, making sure the business runs smoothly. She is your go-to person for anything administrative or accounts related. She is also the CFO in several ways Cash Flow Officer, Chief Fun Officer, etc.

Andrew Lendon

Marketing / Project Enginner

With a qualification in Business Systems, Andrew brings to Mescon Information Systems knowledge needed to link and strengthen manufacturing with management. With experience ranging from the corporate environment to Defence, he offers a strong customer focus with great team skills and is a strong communicator. It would be his pleasure to understand your needs and to help you achieve operational excellence.

Your Name

Project Engineer

A Qualified Engineer with great fault-finding attitude and an ear for the customer’s real needs, you are experienced in a range of products already synonymous with Mescon, or simlar products that Mescon would benefit from. You have a great understanding of general manufacturing / business processes, automation, system integration, traceability and/or databases. You embrace the vision, mission and culture of Mescon. If this is you, let us know through the contact page.

Get in touch with us and see how we can help your business through automation or by moving data and information between the factory floor and the corporate decision makers. CONTACT US